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Welcome to the Game Collecting Community Wiki![edit]

The game collecting wiki was made to show off collectables and merchandise for any and all video games!

Posting Guidelines[edit]

  1. Physical merchandise only. Exceptions may be made for digital artwork.
  2. NSFW is allowed as long as it's labeled and not excessive.
  3. Do not post a social media or YouTube link without approval.

Image Uploading Guidelines[edit]

  1. Always use a reasonable file size and resolution. File sizes of over 2MB are rarely needed - .png and .jpg formats are preferred. Optimized .webm's, .mp4s, and .gifs can be used to show the entirety of an item if necessary. Though we like to have neat, flat, high quality views most of all.
  2. If a higher quality picture of a certain item is found, it can be used to replace an older picture of lesser quality. As long as the same amount or more of the item is shown.
  3. Include a description with the game title. If the collectable is relevant to a certain platform, please include that too.
  4. When adding an image to a page, always link back to the full resolution image. It's usually best to use thumbnails (300px x 300px max) and link back to the original image since most games will have a lot of collectables to show off.

How to start a new page[edit]

To start a new page, type a title into the address bar after and you will be able to start a new page if it doesn't already exist.