Since there’s been so much more activity online, more people have been showing off their amazing collections. Featured here are some of the most interesting collections I could find in 2021. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to message me!

PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits Complete Collection

PS3 Greatest Hits Complete Collection Display
Every last red case!

It took mosquito8991 multiple years of research, digging, and collecting data to find every PS3 greatest hits game there is. I myself am a bigger fan of the clear cases, but the red ones have a unique and colorful look for themselves. Tracking these down had to have been quite the task, and it turned out to be a beautiful collection.

Thankfully we know every PS3 greatest hits game now because of this!

Bioshock Infinite Launch Night Posters

Bioshock Infinite Vigor Posters Complete Set
All in one place!

For Bioshock Infinite’s midnight release in these 5 cities, these limited edition vigor posters were handed out. There was no picture of them all together until someone who owned them put them up on ebay for around $4,600.00. I’d have a hard time letting them go too, they took it down for now it looks like. The posters were 18″x11″ and each featured one of the vigors used in the game.

I wish I could’ve got my hands on at least one, these posters are so beautiful! See the collection page in the wiki for more vigor collections.