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This is a translation and restoration of the Dark Cloud Jump Festa 2001 article originally created by PS World Japan. This was reposted and edited in hopes that more people will be able to find this gem. This is a rough translation that I’m still trying to improve upon. Make sure to check out my video covering this interview and event as well! I included a lot of other content released around the same time as this.

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“Dark Cloud” Expedition
[3rd] Interview with the production director!

[1st] What is a diorama RPG?
[2nd] How to proceed with the game of each part of the dungeon diorama

Dark Cloud Giant Dark Genie
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc
Production Director
Kentaro Motomura

The expected RPG “Dark Cloud” that was finally released was exhibited at the Sony Computer Entertainment booth at “Jump Festa 2001” held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on December 23rd and 24th, attracting the attention of many visitors. In such a situation, I found the appearance of the production director of “Dark Cloud”, and interviewed directly here!

● The SCE booth was set up in the center of Makuhari Messe, which is crowded with many visitors. There, you can see the huge “Genie” (and it works !!), dozens of demo play machines, and the high expectations for “Dark Cloud”. There was a line near the entrance because I was given an experience disc (press kit & demo), but I was able to discover and talk to Mr. Motomura, the director in charge of production of “Dark Cloud”.


Kentaro Motomura Posing Next to Figurines
Kenataro Motomura posing w/ figurines

I think you’ve heard the voices of the users who played the game when it was finally released.
“Yes, thanks to all the various (Internet) game-related bulletin boards, there are many people who write down their impressions of what they actually played, so I’m happy.
The concept of “Dark Cloud” was an RPG where players could create the world, so it seems that users are playing their own way in the diorama part, which is appreciated by the production side. “

Dark Genie, Master Jacket, and Ruby Figurines Display
Dark Genie, Master Jacket, and Ruby Figurines

From the production side, did you think the reaction was as expected?
“Yes, but what was surprising was that there was a lot of reaction to the action in the dungeon part. In order for as many users as possible to enjoy the fun of creating a city in the diorama part, it needed an action element. I made it simple with one button. The tendency is that people who say “easy” and people who say “difficult” have completely different opinions. However, it seems that they are enjoying the system of raising weapons, and there are many voices saying that the action itself is improving without knowing it while raising it, so I am relieved. “

Dark Cloud Demo Screen Display
Demo Screen Display

Even if you look at the writing (on message boards), it seems that it is compared with “Zelda”.
“In that sense, it’s a great honor.”

Then, please give some advice to those who find it difficult to fight with such actions.
“First of all, there is a function to lock on the enemy, so I think that you can concentrate on the action without losing sight of the enemy during battle. Also, as I said earlier, the weapon itself Since you can raise it, even if you are not good at action itself, if the weapon becomes stronger, it will naturally become easier to fight. Oh, and there are 6 player characters, each with different characteristics. Therefore, it is also a point to use them properly depending on the location. “

Dark Cloud Demo Booths
Dark Cloud Demo Booths

Then, what about the diorama part that the production staff put a lot of effort into?
“Because it’s an RPG, of course, we’re going to advance the story, but I’d be happy if you could play while enjoying the fun of collecting parts and creating your own city. We watched actual users at such events. When you look at them playing, you can see that the placement of the same parts is different for each person. In that sense, it is very helpful. There are as many styles as there are players, so look at those scenes and impressions. It’s a great pleasure for the production side to hear and hear. “

Dark Cloud Event Sign
Demo Booths and Convention Sign

Is that the real thrill of this game?
“Yes. It’s a game that’s you’ll appreciate much more once you’ve learned how to play it, creating your own city, training weapons, and so on. I think you can enjoy the game differently even if you clear it all.”

What did you struggle with during the actual production process?
“The production company is called Level Five, but it’s in Fukuoka (laughs). At the last drive, I flew back and forth to replace the modified version of the ROM. I think it’s a production period of about two years, but it’s a fairly responsive hardware, and I’m very satisfied when I achieve that much. After all, what I researched most was to create natural expressions with CG. However, I think that the hardware specifications of PS2 have not been used up yet, so it is a future issue. “

So what is your goal?
“As with ‘Dark Cloud’, I would like to create a game that seems to be easy to get along with, but when you actually play it, it is very deep and challenging. Even if the user grows up, The ideal is such an “impressive” game that will remind you of “that game is …”. “

● Mr. Motomura, whose polite narrative is impressive one by one. When asked, “What is the most memorable game for Mr. Motomura?”, He immediately answered, “It’s Wizardry.” “I like games where users find their own way to play, not just let them play.”

I understand that “Dark Cloud” is also filled with the thoughts of Mr. Motomura and the production staff.

TitleDark Cloud
Release DateDecember 14, 2000
Price5,800 yen (excluding tax)
Compatible ModelsPlayStation 2
Compatible PeripheralsMemory Card (400KB-1MB)
Number of Discs1 Disc Set (DVD-ROM)
Players1 Player
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Rights Holder(C) 2000 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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